Franco Tucci riding boots are the highest expression of craftsmanship, savoir-faire and the heritage of his family tied to his crystalline creativity. His commitment to extraordinary quality and inventiveness remain unchanged, as the pulse toward excellence and innovations introduced to his ultimate creations. He pioneered the equestrian world with previously unseen fashion allure. Premium quality materials meet Italian design, perfection toward innovation, art pieces manufactured to perform at top level.

The collection Tucci Time has been conceived to match his idea of the ultimate luxury experience, to Time. It’s freedom, simplicity, functional comfort and ageless beauty, it’s your time to devote to those moments that make you feel alive, savor every emotion. For this we manufacture unique, personal items with their own story and soul, which fits you like your favorite thing.
Chelsea also offers a unique fitting service where she will come to you to measure you up for a pair of TUCCI Made-To-Measure Long Ridings boots! To find out more contact via EMAIL/PHONE OR SOCIAL....


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