THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who has spread the word about how outstandingly effective TopSpec products are. You have helped to make TopSpec more than the leading brand of feed balancers in the U.K., we are now looked to when excellent, effective and trusted results are required.

Many TopSpec products solve problems for horses and ponies and the terrible long, wet winter we have just experienced has highlighted the value of our latest additions to the blend range. These are two mashes, which hydrate horses and are very useful when horses have to be stabled for long periods of time.

They also have many other uses. Linseed Mash contains two sources of this traditional protein and when fed appropriately will promote weight gain and a glossy coat. On the contrary High Fibre Mash will not promote much, if any, weight gain and is very useful when good doers need a voluminous but low-calorie feed to carry supplements.

The new TopSpec additive this year has been produced following many requests for a palatable electrolyte. This has been achieved with the help of Wildberry, a natural flavour, whilst still retaining a high-salt formula. We test, amend and improve our formulations based on research carried out at the Middle Park Farm Equine Research Centre, Top Spec's own, purpose-built, applied nutrition research facility in North Yorkshire.

Because excellent nutrition is of prime importance to TopSpec we guarantee to ‘Create without Compromise.’ You can rest assured that none of our products will be compromised, ever.


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