HKM riding apparel and riding equipment - our products for your passion

The best luck of the earth lies on the back of the horse - those who have lost their heart to horses and equitation, will have nothing more to add! Horses and everything that belongs to them are just as important to us, as you are! The company HKM can now look back on a long tradition in equestrian sports.
The roots of our company are in the origins of a purely private nature: our heart beats for equestrian sports including the equipment that is required for it.

Riding equipment for all ages from beginner to professional

Breeches, horse rugs, bandages or bridles, there is a lot to consider to keep a horse and rider fully equipped! For us it is important that we provide you with the best, articles that have proven themselves. Quality, quality materials and longevity are our top priority!
In addition, we believe that you do not have to spend a small fortune on equestrian equipment. Our goal is to offer quality products at affordable prices. Our unique collection for children ensures that the little ones are not left out! Our collections for children is sure to make the heart of horse lovers beat faster - especially the much sought-after Bibi & Tina equestrian collection which can also be found in our assortment.

HKM: strong team with a lot of experience

HKM now supplies 2,000 specialist shops all over the world. Our equestrian products are stored in our German based warehouse with more than 13,000 m². We are proud to say that over 90% of incoming orders are sent out to the customer on the same day. This is ensured by our qualified team, which now consists of over 100 employees.
Our experience benefits all of our customers.

Riding supplies at attractive prices

What started out as a home-made production, quickly becomimg a direct distributor of equestrian equipment in the 1980's. The goal for us at the time was to meet the growing interest in this wonderful sport - and at affordable prices. Nevertheless, it was and still is our highest priority that quality should never suffer even at attractive prices. Our equestrian products, such as competition clothing, competition accessories, stable supplies, equestrian clothing and equestrian items for children are always adapted to the needs of horse and rider.


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