Unlike humans, horses can only breathe through their nose, so even during intensive exercise, they aren’t able to breathe through their mouths. All the oxygen horses need for exercise can only come through the nasal passages (the narrowest part of the upper airway), with a significant portion unsupported by bone or cartilage. During exercise, this unsupported portion of the nasal passage collapses inward when a horse inhales, reducing the size of the airway and greatly increasing resistance to air flow.

This is significant because over 50% of resistance to air flow to the lungs comes from the nasal passages during exercise with some studies suggesting as much as 80% resistance to air flow. Additionally, pathological upper airway conditions (roaring, gurgling, nasal flutter, alar fold collapse) and functional obstructions (significant poll flexion) increases the work of breathing and makes it more difficult to move air into the lungs.

FLAIR Strips provide a spring-like force that gently supports the nasal passages and reduces soft tissue collapse which causes the narrowing of the airways during exercise. The Strips support the nasal passages including the nasal valve, which is the narrowest part of the nasal passages, to make breathing easier.

FLAIR Strips

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FLAIR Nasal Strips

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