Tack Trolleys now in stock

Tack Trolleys now in stock

We took delivery of a couple of tack trolleys from Waldhausen today and I thought it might be worth just seeing what is involved in putting them together!

The first product I want to mention is the:

Waldhausen Foldable Tack Trolley with Basket, Priced at £140 - this is a really robust piece of kit and quite capable of being pulled across any showground. It took about a minute to put together and I am the world's worst DIYer. To be honest I can see us purchasing some of these for use in the lorry at shows, but also around the yard. Should you wish to put it away empty of tack, it folds up very neatly and can then easily be carried with one hand. 

The second product, also from Waldhausen is the:

Waldhausen Tack Trolley, Priced at £90 - this one isn't foldable and is lighter than the previous. I like the fact that it can hold the Waldhausen grooming box (available in about every colour you can imagine) and that it is a little taller - this took some assembly, but only about 5 minutes and without any tools or instructions - so no bother really!

Here are the two trolleys as assembled, with the foldable trolley on the left:

Waldhausen Tack Trolley

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  • Rob Taylor