Christmas Deliveries and Deadlines


So many deadlines to talk about - let me try and summarise this as best I can -

Anna Scarpati - the deadline for customisation has already passed - breeches and show shirts are in still in stock. Horsewear - we have customised sets in stock, so please drop us a message 

Animo - Most lines are still in stock but stock levels are changing daily so again, do reach out

Makebe - Most of the collection is in stock - however anything on special order the last ordering date is Friday 13th.

ELT/Waldhausen - Monday 16th last day for ordering anything that is not in stock.

It really is best to reach out to Chelsea via messenger if you want to check the status of anything, we will do our best to make your Christmas presents come as fast and as seamlessly as possible.

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  • Rob Taylor